Wolf's Chemicals Nano Polish (Shine & Seal)  WP-1NT 150ML
  • Wolf's Chemicals Nano Polish (Shine & Seal)  WP-1NT 150ML
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Shine & Seal is an amazing one-step polish that eliminates fine swirls, produces a very high gloss finish and best of all it seals the paint with an extremely durable layer protection provided by nano technology.

This innovative polish can be used as a layer of protection on its own or as the foundation layer of protection to be followed by Wolf's Body Wrap Nano Sealant.

On a clean, contaminant-free surface work the polish in at about 600 RPM and then adjust the speed as necessary. This polish can be used for minor corrections or as a finishing/jeweling polish thanks to its extra-long working time. When the desired level of gloss has been acheived, remove the polish residue with a microfiber towel. Do not allow the polish to dry on the surface! May be used as a stand-alone sealant or as the foundation for WP-0NT Nano Sealant.


150ml bottle

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