Car Chem Hard Shell Paint Sealant 500ml
  • Car Chem Hard Shell Paint Sealant 500ml
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Everyone knows a car always looks the best right after a fresh coat of wax.

Hard Shell is a unique organic paint sealant developed to provide the finest finish & protection available for all paint types. Hard Shell was engineered to provide the ultimate slick durable finish and multi layerable protection even from the harshest environmental elements.
Features of CarChem Hard Shell.
Perfect For Any Color
100% carnauba based wax
Natural warm shine
Advanced spray wax formula Technology
Easy on, easy off application
Quick drying
Protection from harmful UV rays
Slick wet finish
Spray a small amount onto quality cotton or microfiber cloth or applicator pad and apply to
only one panel at a time to the vehicle in a thin, even coat. (less is more with HardShell)
Hard Shell will bond to a  clean paint surfaces within minutes.
Once removed allow 30 min. time and apply a second layer to assure even coverage.
Hard Shell will complement ALL Waxes and Sealants.

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