Car-Chem Glass Sealant 100ml
  • Car-Chem Glass Sealant 100ml
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CarChem Glass Sealant

CarChem Glass Sealant creates a hydrophobic surface coating on all your automotive glass which actively repels water giving you better visibility in the rain. Whilst driving in rain you'll notice an improved vision enhancing road safety for everyone in the vehicle.

This glass sealant from CarChem creates a crystal clear surface coating that bonds to your glass making it easy to clean, reducing contamination, dirt, insects and environmental fallout from adhering to the treated glass surfaces. The hydrophobic effect is extremely evident during rain and your vehicles routine weekly wash, water can be seen beading off even a static vehicle but is enhanced while driving with the wind speeds taken into account

The durability of our Glass Sealant is outstanding with at least 3 months on the front windscreen during winter months and up to 6 months in on the side and rear windows. This is greatly improved during the summer months of up to 6 months to the front screen.

100ml bottle will treat at least 3 cars twice a year.


·         Wash your car normally, paying special attention to the glass, removing all traces of bugs and dust.

·         Dry all you glass to be treated.

·         Apply CarChem Glass Sealant to half of the windshield at a time. Apply CarChem Glass Sealant with a CarChem microfibre cloth, in a cross hatch motion*; ensuring a good even coverage to all the glass.

·         Buff with a different clean cloth. Move up the windshield, gradually buffing out any the haze that may remain, until you get to the top of the glass.

·         Take a clean cloth and go over all the surfaces one last time, buffing in circles rubbing off the last residue.  (Stubborn marks can be removed by damping a microfiber and wiping over)


*Cross Hatch Motion – right to left application followed by an up and down coverage motion.  - Repeat for improved results every 6-8 weeks.

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