Car Spa Care Care Blog Scott 2015-03-30 2605

Amazing Finish on this Golf R using nothing but Car Spa Car Care products. in this short blog will be a run down of the procedures and products used.

This gorgeous Golf R was in for a new car protection package so i knew that the best products for the job was the ones from Car Spa Car Care.

Firstly i filled my 2 buckets, 1 with poseidon shampoo and the other with water, plus a smaller bucket with poseidon in for cleaning the wheels.
once they were filled i sprayed Merlins potion on all four wheels, once on all four wheels i used a pressure washer to remove the dirt.

I then used Merlins blood by spraying all over to break down any bonded contaminants, then i went to work cleaning the little remaining dirt from the wheels.

once i finished cleaning the wheels i used a pressure washer to rinse off the wheels and Merlins Blood.

Next up was washing the body work, it really is a piece of cake when using poseidon as the wash mitt just glides accross the paintwork making washing effortless.

once the whole car was washed i rinsed off and dried with a microfiber towel.

I then lubed up the paintwork to use the clay mitt to remove any left contamination.

Once finished i rinsed off again and dried again.

Now the fun starts, I love working with good polishes and Medusa is no exception, it just goes on so easily and a little bit spreads so far!
Applying to one panel at a time buffing off as I go along.

Next up is Fortress, this sealant really is a work of art, the bottle is lovely and the product is just brilliant. Application is a breeze and it only takes 20 seconds or so to bond before you can remove so sealing the whole car was really quick.

Once the whole car was covered I then went on to cleaning the windows, again really easy when using Achilles glass cleaner.

Next was sealing the windows with Leviathan, this was simple too, a few sprays on the applicator and it went on really easy.
once all the windows were done I left it 10 minutes before removing the residue using Achilles.

Whilst I was waiting I managed to seal the wheels using Dragon Scale, 4 sprays per wheel seamed to be enough, once sprayed on all four wheels just buff off.
I did the wheel twice.

Now it was time for the 2nd coat of Fortress which went on even easier over the last coat.

The finishing touch on the paintwork was Icarus wax which just made the paintwork so soft and added even more gloss.

Lastly was dressing the tyres which i used Black Knight which left a nice dark matte finish.


My conclusion is Every product I used were amazing and effortless, and as you can see from the short video, the finish is supurb.

Thanks for reading