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CSCC Gift Set

We have put together for you an easy to use gist set for the car enthusiast or complete beginner.

The products included are as follows,

Kong High Gloss Wash and Wax

Kong is a high concentrate banana shampoo that offers brilliant cleaning powers,

whilst being gental to wax's and sealants.

Only a very small ammount is needed to produce a throthy, silky bucket of banana shampoo.



Pour a small ammount into a bucket, then fill up to desired level with water.

Use a preassure washer to throth up even more.

We advise that you use the two bucket method with a lambs wool wash mitt to clean your vehicle safely.

Zeus high gloss quick detailer 500ml

Zeus is a fast acting quick detailer that delivers a great finish and brilliant beading on both paintwork and glass.

The finish that Zeus delivers is second to none whilst leaving a beautifully smooth finish.


  • Shake well then spray on a panel and wipe in with a clean deep pile mircofiber.
  • If smearing occurs then just use a fresh side of your microfiber to remove the residue.

Icarus - Spray Wax

Icarus spray wax will fly on the paintwork and buffs off really easily whilst leaving a brilliant shine and water behaviour thanks to the carnauba wax content.
You can use Icarus Spay wax as a QD after a wash or as a final step when protecting your vehicle, either way you get great results fast!


-Spray a small amount on to a panel and work in with a clean microfiber towel

-after doing 2 panels remove both with a clean microfiber towel starting with the first.



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